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Moving Services


Senior Downsizing


Welcome to the Columbus and Delaware, Ohio areas. We all know that moving from one location to another can be very stressful, especially when you can't find anything. Transformare provides services that will assist in relieving these stresses and helping you get more organized.           

Julie felt the senior market was not being served as well as it could be. She along with 2 other organizers, Ellen Limes and Debra Heimann, made the decision to develop a company that would address the needs of seniors in a caring and loving manner.

Other Services

They developed Transitioning Through Life, LLC.

Please visit www.transitioningthroughlife.com
for more information.

Give the gift of organization

Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or you are moving into a new home, Transformare can help. We all know that moving can be very stressful from getting ready to move to arranging all the functions of moving and unpacking.  Transformare provides services that will assist in relieving these stresses by helping with every aspect of the move.  

Some of the things that Transformare does in the moving services include but are not limited to:

    •  Assisting in reducing the clutter for potential buyers

    •  Directing the movers during packing and at the
          arrival of your new home

    •  Executive team unpacking

    •  Unpacking important and essential boxes first

    •  Unpacking all boxes
    •  Arranging and organizing in your new home  

For more information on Transformare's Moving Services, please contact us.