You know what it’s like moving.  You have movers come in pack your home and you meet them at your new home in a new city and they unpack all your belongings and leave.  You are left with hundreds of boxes and furniture placed in hopefully the correct area of your new home.  As an employer, you would like your new employee to start as soon as possible and feel good about their move.  The stress of the move can and will effect that new employee until most of the boxes are unpacked and they can find all the items they need to feel at home. 

That is where Welcome Home Services comes in.  We are a division of Transformare Organizing Services and offer unpacking and organizing services to your new employees.  Why not have the advantage over the competition when offering benefits? 

When your new executives move to the Central Ohio area you can offer them an unpacking service as part of their move.  The number of hours you give them is based on their level in your organizational chart.  Starting at 25 hours, Welcome Home Services will provide 2-3 highly professional qualified individuals including a professional organizer to come into the new executives home to unpack their belongings the day of or the day after the movers unpack the truck. 

Trying to balance too much? Let us help your business with our Welcome Home Services!

We will communicate with the homeowner as to what room to unpack and organize first and move on from there.  At the end of the job, all boxes that have been unpacked will be removed as well as all the packing paper.  This service will put your company above the other companies looking for that perfect executive.  I look forward to unpacking your newest executive. The number of hours of unpacking given to your new employee is your decision.

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and for pricing.